The Stylist - Nixon, Rosie
HarperCollins Publishers
Amber Green loves her job at Smith's, the exclusive London boutique frequented by the rich, the famous and the stylish - and with stylist to the stars Mona Armstrong as a customer, there is never a dull moment.
With the Oscars aporoaching and yet another assistant walking out on her, Mona needs help. Before she has time to say Rodeo Drive, Amber finds herself on a plane to LA to work with the increasingly volatile stylist and dress some of Hollywood's hottest (and craziest) starlets. Awards season turns her life upside down as designer gowns and dazzling jewels are matched to A-list stars and paraded on red carpets at the year's most glittering events. Meanwhile Mona is unravelling faster than a headline...
As Amber starts to enjoy rummaging through the ultimate dressing-up box, she finds herself in the limelight as she catches the attention of two very different suitors. How will she keep her head? Which man will she choose? And most importantly, what will everyone wear?

ISBN : 1848454989
Megjelenés : 2016.
Kötésmód : ragasztott kartonált
Oldalsz√°m : 416
Méret [mm] : 126 x 198 x 25
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  1. The Stylist - Nixon, Rosie
    The Stylist - Nixon, Rosie
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